Big Mac

Macdonalds, one of my favourite affordable makan places. During my travel to various countries, I would definitely stop by Mac to grab a bite as that is the closest food that taste and reminds me of home. With that, I find it interesting in how they could standardise the taste of Big Macs from around […]

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Tilt-Shift Photography

  Osaka, Japan   California, USA   Surfers Paradise, Australia   Taipei, Taiwan   Sentosa, Singapore

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I am a Singapore based free lance IT consultant providing services like database programming, networking architecture, webpage design, surveillance ip camera and computer hardware/software solutions for small medium enterprises and homes .

In my free time I like to try out new dishes in the kitchen where one of my passion is. I believe in learning and accquring new skills for self improvement, no matter how crazy the idea is, if it is worth it, it is worth the effort to try.

If not now, when?

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